Subject: Soft Skills

Scientific Area:

Soft Skills


32 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - Acquire tools for self-assessment of personal soft skills.
2 - Acquire tools for interpersonal relationship.
3 - Develop tools for teamwork.
4 - Acquire tools for job placement and career management.


1 - Soft Skills description
2 - Soft Skills evaluation and measurement
3 - Soft Skills and national competitiveness
4 - Soft Skills and organizational performance
5 - Soft Skills and employability
6 - Soft Skills and lifelong learning


Ceitil, M. , 2004 , Sociedade, Gestão e Competências ? Novas Dinâmicas para o Sucesso das Pessoas e das Organizações , Sílabo
Garrido, M. V., & Prada, M. , 2016 , Manual de Competências Académicas: Da adaptação à universidade à excelência académica , Sílabo

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Theoretical classes, theoretical-practical classes and tutorial monitoring of work to be carried out by students. The assessment of this curricular unit will be by continuous assessment, taking into account the following points: - 50% attendance and discussion of topics presented in class; - 50% group work. Taking into account this continuous assessment, the number of students will have a maximum limit of 40. In the case of failure in the course by continuous assessment, the student will always have the possibility of being assessed at the time of appeal (100% weighting).