Subject: Algebra for Economics

Scientific Area:



64 Hours

Number of ECTS:




Overall objectives:

1 - As a key objective of learning the basic concepts of vector spaces; Applications Linear, Matrix Algebra, Systems of Linear Equations and Quadratic forms.
2 - We also aimed at the cognitive development of students through the discussion of the concepts and results, as well as examples and counterexamples of the analyzed topics.
3 - The aim is also that students are able to investigate conditions where certain results are always valid, and in other cases it does not happen.


1 - Matrix Algebra.
2 - Systems of Linear Equations.
3 - vector spaces over a field.
4 - Linear Applications between vector spaces.
5 - Quadratic forms.


Magalhães, L.T. , 1998 , "Álgebra Linear como Introdução à Matemática Aplicada" , Texto Editora
Cabral, I., C. Perdigão e C. Saiago , 2012 , Álgebra Linear, 3.ª ed , Escolar Editora

Assesssment methods and criteria:

Classification Type: Quantitativa (0-20)

Evaluation Methodology:
Teaching Methodologies: Evaluation: The evaluation is made using two midterms,, both with a 50% of the final grade. In reassessment period, students who have not obtained approval frequencies can choose between making the overall exam or one of the midterms.